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GCR Radiotherapy Essential Standards in Cancer Plans Phase III Session 2: Recording - 26 Sept 2023

The Global Coalition for Radiotherapy (GCR) wrapped up the third phase in their series of webinars on 26 September 2023. The goal of these webinars was to outline the essential components of radiotherapy in national cancer plans. During Phase I, a team of international experts worked alongside industry and charity to identify these key components. Phase II saw the creation of specialized working groups dedicated to examining each component in more detail.

Finally, during the Phase III webinars, the leaders of the working groups presented their findings on each key component. During Phase III, Session 1 webinar earlier this month, the Data & Monitoring and Advocacy working groups delivered their presentations, in addition to an overview of "Integrating AI into Cancer Plans". The webinars were moderated by Professor Pat Price.

Phase III, Session 2 Presenters: (Top Row L-R) Shandi Barney (AdvaMed), Dr. Rolando Comacho (City Cancer Challenge), Prof. Mary Coffey (Trinity Centre Dublin); (Bottom Row L-R) Dr. Kofi Adesi Kyei (University of Ghana), Prof. Michelle Leech (Trinity College Dublin).

Phase iii, session 2
Project lead presentations

In this Phase III, Session 2 webinar, three group leads shared information about their key components and presented the progress made by their working groups.

Maintenance & Service
  • Shandi Barney, AdvaMed, gave an overview of the working document outlining the importance of maintaining and servicing equipment, pulling in the existing, available resources into one place. She also highlighted the importance of budgeting during implementation.

“You don’t only create a budget for purchasing the machines and software, but also ensuring that you have budget built in for maintenance and service, the data monitoring tools, understanding the lifetime of the machines, the need for updates, and also ensuring there is budget for spare parts. Those are critical to making sure that the machines are regularly maintained and can run as long and as smoothly as possible.”
  • Dr. Rolando Comacho, City Cancer Challenge, presented a guide on how to prepare a radiotherapy equipment procurement plan and a maintenance programme.

“If we don’t have a good development plan, if we don’t have the quality assurance program, sometimes we don’t know that the procurement is not just the machine, or just the training of people for operating the machine.”

Quality & Safety
  • Prof. Mary Coffey, Trinity Centre Dublin, addressed the overlap between Maintenance & Service and Quality & Safety. She looked at defining what would be required at the national level and how those can be implemented locally.

“What you want to do is make sure every patient irrespective of what country, what centre, wherever they are treated, gets actual optimal treatment and quality and safety obviously are key.”
  • Dr. Kofi Adesi Kyei, University of Ghana, emphasized the local implementation from their checklist, including addressing cultural needs.

“Beyond the national level…you could see from the slides, that there were some bit of creation of a local quality assurance program and definition of some level of local management teams and its membership representing all the professionals that are within the oncology setting.”

Training & Technical Support
  • Prof. Michelle Leech, Trinity College Dublin, was the final presenter. She pointed out the importance of acknowledging the basic essential that all radiation oncology professionals need specific professional skills and knowledge.

“What we're saying in radiation oncology is it's not a one size fits all. This is a very, very specific profession and we need to be educated appropriately if we want to treat the citizens of the world as best we can with quality radiotherapy.”

During the discussion, participants raised thought-provoking questions and provided valuable feedback. More questions were raised that will warrant additional discussion within the working groups. GCR appreciates the abundance of solutions and ideas that were shared and welcomes all feedback. Please email to contribute additional feedback.


You can watch a recording of Phase III, Session 2 full meeting here:


You can download the notes and chat from the 26 September Phase III, Session 2 meeting here:

26 Sept GCR RT Essential Standards in Cancer Plans Phase III Webinar Agenda Notes and Chat
Download • 133KB


This slide deck includes presentations from the meeting, and can be downloaded here:

SLIDES Phase III Session 2 GCR RT Essential Standards 26 Sept 2023.pptx (1)
Download PDF • 4.32MB


At the end of the lively and constructive session, attendees were invited to participate in the upcoming launch of the living document at London Global Cancer Week where GCR will present the findings and outcomes from these working groups and webinars. This dynamic document will be accessible to the global community, with the expectation of receiving ongoing input and feedback from the community.

Register for the upcoming London Global Cancer Week: Radiotherapy Session, where GCR will launch this Living Document.

Register for London Global Cancer Week:
Radiotherapy Session

Tues, 14 November 2023 | 14:00-16:30 GMT | In-person

Tues, 14 November 2023 | 15:00-16:30 GMT | Virtual


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