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14 November 2023

The Lancet Oncology

The future of cancer care in the UK—time for a radical and sustainable National Cancer Plan

View the Publication in The Lancet Oncology by clicking the button below, or learn more here:

11 October 2022

Global Coalition for Radiotherapy

How digital transformation, global networking and remote solutions could expand the reach of radiotherapy in communities worldwide

18 August 2022

ASTRO Advances in Radiation Oncology

Residents Across the Globe: A Call for Education, Advocacy, and Collaboration

22 July 2022

ASTRO Advances in Radiation Oncology

Lessons for Ukraine; how the international radiotherapy community can respond and support both now and in the future

19 May 2022

The Lancet Oncology

Radiotherapy in conflict: lessons from Ukraine

1 June 2020

The Lancet Oncology

Initiation of the Global Coalition for Radiotherapy during the COVID-19 pandemic

31 July 2020

Global Coalition for Radiotherapy

Altered radiotherapy fractionation: what did we learn during the Global COVID-19 Pandemic and what do we take forward to optimize radiotherapy fractionation for the future

17 December 2020

International Journal of Radiation Oncology • Biology • Physics

The Role of the Global Coalition for Radiotherapy in Political Advocacy for Radiation Therapy as a Cost Effective and Underfunded Modality Around the World

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