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19 January 2023

GCR Resident Partners Workshop: World Cancer Day Campaign

The Global Coalition for Radiotherapy Resident Partners met to workshop ideas for a Radiotherapy World Cancer Day campaign. Listen in for a brief description of the UICC World Cancer Day theme, how to create a personal advocacy campaign and hear from Naman Julka-Anderson, Rad Chat Podcast Co-Founder.

11 July 2022

GCR Radiotherapy Task Force to support Ukraine

The third meeting of GCR Radiotherapy Task Force where global radiotherapy experts and organizations gathered to support intel to the WHO Emergency Committee. Questions were answered regarding capacity and advocacy, as well as, discussion on future planning and rebuilding for Ukraine.

14 March 2022

GCR Radiotherapy Task Force to support Ukraine

In response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, the GCR in collaboration with the European Cancer Organisation (ECO), EU Commission, American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a member of the Special Network on the Impact of the War in Ukraine on Cancer, is spearheading a Radiotherapy Task Force. Watch the first emergency meeting.

6 July 2020

The Future of Global Cancer in the Time of Covid?

Presentation by Prof. Richard Sullivan

15 June 2020

The Current Status of Radiotherapy in Japan with Covid-19 Infection

Presentation by Pro. Yasushi Nagata

27 July 2020

Cancer Control Assessments During COVID-19

Impacts on the US Prostate Cancer & IAEA Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy. Discussion led by Colony Brown (Zero) and Geraldine Arias de Goebl (IAEA)

3 November 2022

GCR Resident Partners Workshop: Launch

The Global Coalition for Radiotherapy is pleased to announce a new initiative, the GCR Resident Partners. This group seeks to foster a community of trainees globally through education, advocacy, and collaboration, working to ensure the future of the radiotherapy workforce is growing, sustainable, and adaptable to the increased needs of cancer patients around the world.

26 April 2022

GCR Radiotherapy Task Force to support Ukraine

The second meeting of GCR Radiotherapy Task Force where global radiotherapy experts and organizations gathered to discuss and report on the issues Ukrainian cancer patients, clinicians and their families are facing, as well as radiotherapy providers in the surrounding areas, and how the task force can address them.

7 February 2022

How Can Radiotherapy Close the Care Gap?

For World Cancer Day 2022, GCR members, radiotherapy experts and advocates gathered in a virtual meeting to discuss how remote solutions with treatment planning, service and training expand the reach radiotherapy can have in communities worldwide.

Webinar presenters included Paul Naine, Elekta and Steve Laws, Varian. Roundtable discussion led by Prof. Pat Price, GCR Co-Founder.

7 December 2020

Evidence and Economics as Drivers for Change in Global Radiotherapy

Presentation by Prof. Yolande Lievens

25 May 2020

Covid-19 and Cancer Taskforce

Presentation by Dr. Julie Torode, UICC Director, Special Projects

8 February 2021

Putting the cloud to work to improve access to Radiotherapy

Discussion led by Ben Nelms (ProKnow), Benjamin Li (Rayos Contra Caner) and Birgit Fleurent (GCR Co-Founder)

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