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18 August 2022


ASTRO Advances in Radiation Oncology

Residents Across the Globe: A Call for Education, Advocacy, and Collaboration

The fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine have resulted in unprecedented delays in cancer care. Not only have patients been displaced by the war, but trainees and physicians have been greatly impacted as well. The GCR in collaboration with resident and author, Kyra M. McComas, sends a strong call to action to all radiation oncology residents in this article to join the efforts to advocate for radiation oncology as a field and collaborate globally.

19 May 2022


The Lancet Oncology

Radiotherapy in conflict: lessons from Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia on Feb 24, 2022, has created a massive humanitarian crisis for Europe and degraded or destroyed a wide range of health-care infrastructures, including cancer care. The Global Coalition for Radiotherapy with the support of the Radiotherapy Task Force has been working to understand the impact of this conflict and gather lessons learned to help ensure sustainability for the future, and build back better with radiotherapy at the heart of the recovery plan.

19 March 2022



Raising the profile of radiotherapy: Advocacy efforts around the world

MedRad Research highlights the GCR as one of the growing global radiotherapy advocacy groups dedicated to increasing awareness of RT.

26 December 2021


The Wall Street Journal

Pandemic’s Hidden Toll: Millions in U.K. Await Treatment, but Not for Covid-19

Noncoronavirus patients face delayed elective surgeries and medical procedures for other illnesses

22 July 2022


ASTRO Advances in Radiation Oncology

Lessons for Ukraine; how the international radiotherapy community can respond and support both now and in the future

The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine promoted a huge outpouring of support. The GCR was asked to submit this editorial in the ASTRO Advances in Radiation Oncology to share how the radiotherapy community is responding to the challenges our Ukrainian colleagues are facing and how to maintain radiotherapy services in a war.

20 March 2022


Med-Tech Innovation News

Ways of increasing access to radiation therapy

Summarising his presentation in the GCR World Cancer Day Webinar, Paul Naine, director of global clinical operations at Elekta, explains why evolving human capabilities alongside technology is the key to improving access to radiation therapy.

10 March 2022


The Cancer Letter

Ukraine crisis: Resources for health professionals

The GCR is listed as one of the many resources intended for clinicians, health professionals, patient advocates, and those aiding in the humanitarian effort.

7 November 2021


itn: Imaging Technology News

Why Cancer Remains a Global Threat

As global access to radiotherapy is often overlooked, the author recommends device manufacturers can help advocate for radiotherapy at a political, policy, industry, scientific, patient and national cancer plan level by becoming members of organisations like the Global Coalition for Radiotherapy.

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