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GCR Radiotherapy Essential Standards in Cancer Plans Phase III Session 1: Recording - 12 Sept 2023

The Global Coalition for Radiotherapy (GCR) held its third webinar in a series aimed at outlining Essential Standards for Radiotherapy in National Cancer Plans on 12 Sept 2023. A team of experts from around the world came together with industry and charity to identify the key components during Phase I. They formed working groups for further examination in Phase II.

Phase III, Session 1 Presenters: (L-R) Dr. Tim Hanna (Queen's University School of Medicine), Sarah Quinlan (Radiotherapy UK), and Dr. Ajay Aggarwal (King's College London)

This first session of Phase III was moderated by Professor Pat Price where the speakers included working group leads Dr. Tim Hanna, Queen’s University School of Medicine, and Sarah Quinlan, Radiotherapy UK, with a final presentation from Dr. Ajay Aggarwal, King's College London, exploring the best practices for integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into cancer plans and ARCHERY, a prospective observational study of Artificial Intelligence based radiotherapy treatment planning for cervical, head and neck and prostate cancer. Following the presentations, attendees were given a chance to ask questions and invited to join the upcoming Session 2 of the Phase III webinar on 26 Sept 2023.

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RT Essential Standards in Cancer Plans Webinar & Roundtable

Tues, 26 Sept 2023 | 13:30-14:30 CEST | via Zoom

PhasE III, Session 1
Project lead presentations

Two group leads shared information about their key components and presented the progress made by their working groups.

Data & Monitoring
  • Dr. Tim Hanna, Queen’s University School of Medicine, shared initial recommendations of the Data and Monitoring Essentials Workgroup and presented a top ten list of principles to consider when developing a data platform for a radiotherapy program focusing on routinely collected data.

“I don't think I need to convince anyone of the importance of health data, but why are there essential data elements? This exists because we need to have access, quality, and value at the highest possible level for the national radiotherapy programs around the world. Access could improve the length of life or quality of life of many with cancer at the national and international level because, as you know, 40% to 60% of individuals diagnosed with cancer will have an evidence-based indication for radiation and many of these are irreplaceable by other techniques.”

  • Sarah Quinlan, Director of Radiotherapy UK, shared the working document that she and her team have been contributing to over the summer and provided a detailed overview of the three important areas: the essential, the checklist, and the implementation, along with their top tips.

“Everyone here, all in the radiotherapy community, we all know and understand the importance of radiotherapy and the difference that it can make for cancer patients. What we really need to do is to be able to take that information and convince other people of it too.”
Integrating AI into Cancer Plans

Dr. Ajay Aggarwal, King’s College London, was the final presenter outlining the work he is doing on a prospective observational study of AI-based radiotherapy treatment.

This is “the first global radiotherapy study of its type in AI, looking to support implementation in different health systems, so the affordability and the robustness that we're looking at. If it does meet its endpoints, the AI software will be made not-for-profit as a web-based service for public sector hospitals in resource constrained settings. It's also adaptable, so we've designed it as a multi-arm study.”

You can watch a recording of the full meeting here:


You can download the notes and chat from the 12 Sept 2023 meeting here:

12 Sept GCR RT Essential Standards in Cancer Plans Phase III Webinar Agenda Notes and Chat
Download • 126KB


This slide deck includes all presentations from the meeting, and can be downloaded here:

SLIDES FINAL Phase III Session 1 GCR RT Essential Standards 12 Sept 2023.pptx copy
Download PDF • 2.97MB


Register for the upcoming webinar on 26 September 2023 where the remaining three working groups Maintenance & Service, Quality & Safety, and Training & Technical Support will present their progress.

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RT Essential Standards in Cancer Plans Webinar & Roundtable

Tues, 26 Sept 2023 | 13:30-14:30 CEST | via Zoom

Please plan to join and invite your colleagues to participate in this important session.


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