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GCR is a virtual multidisciplinary collaborative, focused on creating a world where access to quality radiotherapy is universal and equitable.

Global Coalition for Radiotherapy supports those affected by war in Ukraine

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Closing the care gap

How digital transformation, global networking and remote solutions could expand the reach of radiotherapy in communities worldwide

According to The Lancet Oncology, the pandemic and other crises are forcing health-care professionals to “think outside the box for alternative solutions to everyday tasks.” The GCR is prepared to take this digital disruption a step further. Learn more by downloading our latest white paper.

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upcoming event

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GCR resident partners Workshop

Register to join the GCR Resident Partners as we prepare for World Cancer Day on February 4. Help us create a campaign to advocate for cancer patients and the radiotherapy workforce. Join us!

19 Jan 2023 | 9:30 CST/16:30 CET

What we do

The Global Coalition for Radiotherapy (GCR) is a collaboration of radiotherapy experts working to find synergies amongst the radiotherapy community at large.


We host monthly GCR Webinars and Roundtables, bringing experts, advocacy and industry together.

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We advise organisations interested in starting their own radiotherapy campaign.

Get started by downloading our Advocacy Toolkit.


We provide an archive of informative radiotherapy webinars, news and publications.

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GCR News

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Join the coalition

Interested in being a part of the GCR and contributing to radiotherapy advocacy efforts in your region of the world?

Join us as we work together to seize the opportunities for radiotherapy technology advancement to implement better health care delivery.


GCR in the News

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18 August 2022


ASTRO Advances in Radiation Oncology

Residents Across the Globe: A Call for Education, Advocacy, and Collaboration

The fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine have resulted in unprecedented delays in cancer care. Not only have patients been displaced by the war, but trainees and physicians have been greatly impacted as well. The GCR in collaboration with resident and author, Kyra M. McComas, sends a strong call to action to all radiation oncology residents in this article to join the efforts to advocate for radiation oncology as a field and collaborate globally.

22 July 2022


ASTRO Advances in Radiation Oncology

Lessons for Ukraine; how the international radiotherapy community can respond and support both now and in the future

The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine promoted a huge outpouring of support. The GCR was asked to submit this editorial in the ASTRO Advances in Radiation Oncology to share how the radiotherapy community is responding to the challenges our Ukrainian colleagues are facing and how to maintain radiotherapy services in a war.

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