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Prioritizing National Cancer Plans: Radiotherapy highlighted in UK Radical Cancer Plan Proposal

GCR Co-Founder Professor Pat Price, co-authored a ten-point plan for a radical and sustainable national cancer strategy in the UK. Published in The Lancet Oncology, and presented at the House of Commons, this plan is an example of advocacy work aimed at prioritizing cancer plans.

Richard Sullivan, Pat Price, David Collingridge, Tim Farron, Mark Lawler (L-R)

One of the main priorities for the Global Coalition for Radiotherapy (GCR) this year, has been the creation of the framework of key components that should be considered when developing or updating a national cancer plan. These essential standards were highlighted in the Lancet publication:

“In a 10-year vision for radiotherapy in the UK, improving patient outcomes based on emerging international consensus on essentials in radiotherapy national cancer control planning is articulated through a sustainable interlinked UK radiotherapy service, embracing cloud-based connectivity, and an expansion of a skilled multidisciplinary workforce.”

Read the Lancet Oncology piece and learn more about the 10-year vision from Radiotherapy UK here:

This proposed plan outlines a broad range of topics concerning cancer care. The radiotherapy section particularly emphasized the need for this kind of specialized, precise care.

“Over the past 50 years, the UK has been at the forefront of delivering and implementing innovative practice-changing trials in radiotherapy achieved through a networked, national approach. However, radiotherapy has been undeservedly neglected in both investment priority and visibility; reflected in much lower access rates than outlined in international standards.”

The recommendations presented by Professor Price and her colleagues involve solutions such as, a value-based investment in equipment, infrastructure, workforce, collaboration, reporting, and technology.

As shown in the infographic below: "Radiotherapy is needed by at least 53% of UK patients with cancer, however, in 2019 — even before the COVID-19 pandemic — radiotherapy was accessed by just 24–27% of patients with cancer:”

Review the complete Future of Cancer Care in the UK Infographic:

The future of cancer care in the UK
Download PDF • 2.33MB

As the GCR advocates for improved access to quality radiotherapy, especially within national cancer plans, this Policy Review serves as a model for achieving this goal.

Lynsey Rice, Pat Price, Alison Goulding, Darien Laird, and Sarah Quinlan (L-R)

Please review the GCR’s Key Components in Radiotherapy Plans, we welcome your feedback and comments here:


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