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Snapshot Study of 2018 Ukrainian Radiotherapy Services for Comparative Reference

Eduardo Rosenblatt, MD in his role at the Division of Human Health, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) alongside 20 other radiotherapy colleagues, conducted a previously uninvestigated 2018 study looking into the quality of radiotherapy services in post-Soviet countries. Following a formal methodology, the IAEA conducted a survey using two sets of validated radiation oncology quality indicators (ROIs). As a member of the Radiotherapy Task Force, Dr. Rosenblatt offers for your review, the study where eleven post-Soviet countries were assessed. A coordinator was designated for each country and acted as the liaison between the country and the IAEA. The methodology was a one-time cross-sectional survey using a 58-question tool in Russian. The questionnaire was based on two validated sets of ROIs: for radiotherapy centers, the indicators proposed by Cionini et al., and for data at the country level, the Australasian ROIs.

​​This study includes a snapshot of the infrastructure and quality of radiotherapy services in Ukraine as well as other post-soviet countries in 2018. As such, it is a valuable reference point to compare the situation right now, the impact of the conflict and to plan ahead for a full reconstruction and improvement.

You can download the study “Quality of Radiotherapy Services in Post-Soviet Countries: An IAEA Survey” below.

Quality of RT Services in post-Soviet countries_Eduardo Rosenblatt
Download PDF • 740KB

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