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The GCR publishes white paper providing digital solutions to address the growing cancer care gap

The cancer community is becoming increasingly global, coming together under crises and conflict, but the cancer care gap is growing faster than the world’s ability to address the need. This white paper responds, asserting that the digital technology revolution in radiotherapy brings opportunity for fast-tracking a closure of the care gap.

The Lancet Oncology recently cited the pandemic and other crises as a reason health-care professionals are being forced to

“think outside the box for alternative solutions to everyday tasks.”

According to The Lancet Oncology, in radiotherapy, “telemedicine has also been a crucial tool to provide training to physicists, radiation oncologists, and dosimetrists in low-income and middle-income countries.” The GCR is prepared to take this digital disruption a step further with key recommendations.

This white paper recommends where and how such innovative solutions could be used to improve health system infrastructure and access to quality radiotherapy. It calls for global collaboration and networking with professionals, industry and policy makers to ensure this moment is not lost for the much-needed digital transformation in radiotherapy cancer care.

“Ultimately, when old paradigms are no longer working as well as they once did, we must look towards new and innovative approaches.”

Read the key recommendations and download the Closing the Care Gap white paper here:


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