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Register now: Upcoming Resident Partners Workshop - 19 Jan 2023

Join the Global Coalition for Radiotherapy's next meeting:

World Cancer Day CAMPAIGN
Resident Partners Workshop

Thursday, January 19, 2023

@ 9:30 CST/16:30 CET

In preparation for World Cancer Day on February 4, 2023, the GCR Resident Partners will meet to discuss campaign ideas to advocate for cancer patients and the radiotherapy field.

Bring your ideas and come prepared to discuss the following campaign themes:

  1. Patients: Advocating for equitable and accessible care

  2. Workforce: Educating the multidisciplinary community about your job - What is a radiation oncologist? What is a radiotherapist? Who are the people behind these titles? Etc.

  3. RT Digital Transformation: Sharing how digital transformation, global networking and remote solutions could expand the reach of radiotherapy in communities worldwide

Review these documents to prepare

White Paper: Closing the Care Gap

GCR White Paper - Closing the Care Gap D8
Download PDF • 451KB

Advocacy Toolkit

Advocacy Toolkit FINAL
Download PDF • 409KB

Radiotherapy Fact Sheet

Fact sheet FINAL
Download PDF • 172KB

Check out the GCR Advocacy Page for more suggestions on how to build an advocacy campaign.

Resident Partners Survey

To help us better collaborate, please take a moment to fill this survey as it is vital to the development of this cohort.

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