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Global Collaboration: GCR gains a new partner in GHC

Therese Lindé and Wil Ngwa at the Global Health Catalyst Summit, MOU signing ceremony

WASHINGTON DC, USA – June 8, 2024

In a significant step towards combating the global cancer burden, GCR has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Global Health Catalyst Initiative (GHC) at their summit in Washington, DC. This collaboration aims to strengthen the partnership between the two organizations to reduce the growing global cancer burden and improve standards of care for patients worldwide.

The GHC, based in Massachusetts, USA, is dedicated to ensuring that every patient worldwide receives access to quality health care. By identifying key opportunities for collaboration, GHC and GCR are set to make significant progress in global health. Wil Ngwa, Global Health Catalyst Founding Director, and Professor of Global Health & Radiation Oncology, said:

"The GHC is all about collaboration and GCR could not be a better collaborator.  The timing could not be better as we work to extend the Cancer Moonshot Globally"

GHC Leadership (L-R) Wil Ngwa, Stephen Avery, Saiful Huq

The signing ceremony took place during the summit and was attended by Wil Ngwa, and Therese Lindé, GCR Co-Founder & Strategic Advisor, and Elekta VP & Head of Global Policy & Patient Access. Their presence underscored the importance of this collaboration and their shared commitment to tackling global health challenges.

Therese Lindé at the GHC Summit

Therese Lindé said:

“The GHC Summit was as usual a very interesting, inspiring and productive forum, bringing parties from across the world together to share experiences on how to catalyst progress in cancer care. It was an honor to represent the GCR officially signing the MOU with the GHC. The GCR contributes with the radiotherapy piece to the wider platform of GHC, as we both work to enhance access to cancer care to patients globally.”

Through joining forces, GCR and GHC will focus on several key initiatives, including:

  • Increasing access to high-quality, equitable cancer care education

  • Supporting knowledge-sharing initiatives across healthcare organizations and oncology professionals

  • Developing and maintaining communications between partners and stakeholders

GCR is excited for the opportunity to collaborate with GHC in addressing the needs of cancer patients worldwide. We look forward to sharing valuable ideas and information that have the potential to save lives.


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