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Global Coalition for Radiotherapy presents at the UICC World Cancer Congress 2022

Therese Lindé, member of the Global Coalition for Radiotherapy (GCR) leadership team, represented the GCR, Radiotherapy UK, and Advamed, at the 2022 UICC World Cancer Congress. The presentation featured the groups’ collaborative work on an international stage, calling upon governments, politicians and healthcare structures to prioritize life-saving cancer treatment and close the care gap by investing in radiotherapy today.

Lindé highlighted the GCR’s mission of ensuring radiotherapy treatment be part of universal cancer care. The GCR Radiotherapy Advocacy Toolkit was also showcased as a practical step-by-step model, aimed to help cancer organizations, charities and institutions on a national and international scale, and cancer professionals who want to learn more about successful campaigning and advocacy.

Since inception, it has been clear there is a need for the GCR now and long-term. By continuing to implement the best practices learned during the Covid-19 pandemic and responding to humanitarian crises, the GCR will ensure radiotherapy treatment is part of universal cancer care.

View the “Radiotherapy to Address Cancer Backlog” PowerPoint presentation here:

RTUK_GCR Print Version
Download PPTX • 4.56MB


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