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GCR invited to participate in Elekta’s multi-stakeholder meeting during ESTRO

Elekta, a Global Coalition for Radiotherapy (GCR) stakeholder, partnered with the Swedish Embassy in Vienna and Nollvision Cancer | Vision Zero Cancer to host a multi-stakeholder meeting during the ESTRO 2023 conference in Vienna, Austria. The GCR was invited to participate in this discussion focusing on collaboration. Each organization brought together their expertise, networks, and experience to discuss providing cancer patients with equal access to radiotherapy treatment, regardless of location.

Therese Lindé, Global Affairs Director at Elekta, and a member of the GCR Leadership Team, organized the event, saying she was "very honored and proud to co-organize this discussion on access and elevation of cancer care, with new and old, partners and friends from Sweden, Europe and across the world - gathering some of the leading experts and policymakers."

GCR Co-Founder Birgit Fleurent participated during a panel discussion titled “Co-creation and collaboration needed to achieve results" following keynote speaker, Dr. May Abdel-Wahab, Director of the IAEA Division of Human Health. Other experts on the panel included:

  • Prof. Richard Sullivan, Professor of Cancer and Global Health at King's College London, and Director of the Institute of Cancer Policy (ICP) and co-Director of the Conflict and Health Research Group & WHO Cancer Crisis Coordinator

  • Ms. Anne Starz, Head of Resource Mobilization, IAEA

  • Dr. Mia Rajalin, Vision Zero Cancer and Region Stockholm

  • Moderated by Therese Lindé, Global Public Affairs Director, Elekta

“This was such an esteemed gathering of international policy leaders, clinicians, scientists and patient advocates, all focused on discussing and understanding collaborative approaches for access and elevation of cancer care and radiotherapy… We are proud to be part of the creation as well as the implementation and monitoring of cancer and radiotherapy breakthroughs and look forward to building and continuing strong partnerships with our stakeholders," Fleurent said.

The GCR was invited to attend and participate in this meeting because of our global mission to make access to radiotherapy equitable and universal. We strive to bring together experts to share their knowledge and expertise, so we can all learn from each other.

“The GCR plays a very important role in this effort with our vision of a world where access to quality radiotherapy is universal and equitable. Since our founding 3 years ago, we have been very successful in uniting a collaborative, global expert community of individuals and organizations on a regular basis, responding to crises such as COVID and the Ukraine, driving advocacy and digital innovation and broadly communicating our progress,” Fleurent said.

For more information about the GCR strategy and stakeholders click below:


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