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Bridging the Care Gap: Insights from ESTRO 2024

As Europe's largest industry exhibition in radiation oncology, the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO) annual congress provided an ideal platform for the Global Coalition for Radiotherapy (GCR) to showcase its work and engage with industry peers.

GCR Executive Director Darien Laird attended ESTRO and represented GCR at the event.  In an interview with Accuray, she said:

“This is one of the largest educational venues for Europe, and also there’s people coming from all over the world, who are gathering information, from incredible technical and educational professions and they’re sharing, they’re combining their ideas and hopefully building together so that they can go out and do more good in the world.”

GCR would like to recognize Accuray for their support and for hosting GCR at the congress.

Notable Moments

It was a highlight to meet with several key contributors to the Radiotherapy Essential Standards working groups. After dedicating a year to developing these global standards, it was a privilege to connect and advance our discussions for the future of this project. In addition, Data and Monitoring working group lead Dr. Timothy Hanna highlighted this work during the Presidential Symposium.

During the presentation, Tim Hanna, Richard Sullivan, Ajay Aggarwal, and Elena Fidarova discussed the ESTRO theme Bridging the Care Gap, highlighting the need for Cancer Control planning in providing greater global access to radiotherapy. It was an excellent presentation and an honor to see the work of the GCR showcased.

ESTRO provided an excellent place to start discussions around a new global initiative to establish a World Radiotherapy Awareness Day. If you are interested in joining the initiative alongside ESTRO, Radiotherapy UK, Targeting Cancer and a growing number of supporters, please sign up to receive more information below:

The posters at ESTRO play a vital role in sharing information in a visual presentation.  GCR and Radiotherapy UK teamed up to create a poster about developing the framework for national cancer plans. The achievements of the RT Essential Standards and the RT Vision Document were highlighted in the poster.   

Looking Ahead

We would like to thank all the vendors and workforce that took time to meet with us.  We look forward to future partnerships and a new era of work going forward.

Sign up on our contact form to continue engagement with the GCR and receive information about our upcoming initiatives.


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