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GCR celebrates 2-year anniversary, launches Advocacy Toolkit and resource page

As the war in Ukraine leaves thousands of cancer patients with an uncertain future and the COVID pandemic continues to radically impact cancer care, the Global Coalition for Radiotherapy (GCR) launches an Advocacy Toolkit to ensure access to quality radiotherapy is universal and equitable so that more cancer patients can be cured.

“Radiotherapy is needed in 40% of cancer cures. It is often overlooked as one of the three main cancer treatment modalities, and yet is ideally suited for today’s technology developments. The COVID pandemic disrupted cancer services around the world and now, in Ukraine, the war has displaced 10 million people to date. Many refugees still need their urgent cancer treatment. We must support our cancer patients and professionals and give them a voice. We urge people to use this Advocacy Toolkit to call for better radiotherapy services for all." - Prof. Pat Price, GCR Co-Founder

The Advocacy Toolkit gives radiation oncologists, industry leaders, providers of care, global health organisations, patient advocates and radiotherapy professional teams, the tools to build a campaign. By following the recommendations, organisations can focus their collective resources more effectively, streamline messaging, avoid duplicative efforts and measure results.

Also available for download is a companionship Radiotherapy Fact Sheet that breaks down the complexities of the cutting-edge cancer treatment. This no-nonsense document will help communicate the convenience, cost effectiveness and proven efficiency of radiotherapy treatment.

"Our hope is that it will provide advocates worldwide the necessary means to identify disparities in cancer care, find solutions within their unique healthcare systems, effectively lobby decision makers and ultimately ensure there is equitable access to radiotherapy services.” - Shandi Barney, GCR Co-Founder

This launch coincides with the GCR’s 2nd anniversary. The GCR was formed on April 8, 2020 to understand the challenges and opportunities facing radiotherapy delivery during the disruption of cancer services worldwide caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. During the past two years, the coalition of global contributors have collaborated in dozens of webinars, several publications and established a Radiotherapy Task Force to help gather these advocacy tools and create this necessary resource.


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