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Emergency GCR Meeting Tue, 15 Mar 22 - Radiotherapy Task Force to support Ukraine

As the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine continues to impact the lives of cancer patients, clinicians and their families, the GCR is working to provide important data to the European Cancer Organisation (ECO), EU Commission, American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a member of the Special Network on the Impact of the War in Ukraine on Cancer.

The GCR is now calling on the radiotherapy and radiation oncology community at large to join us as we spearhead a Radiotherapy Task Force to support the efforts of this Special Network.

Attend our upcoming Emergency GCR Meeting and join the Task Force:

Radiotherapy Task Force to support Ukraine

Tue, 15 Mar | 13:30-14:30 CET | via Zoom

As a member of the Special Network, our goal is to gather information in this meeting, which will help address the large number of challenges currently being faced by Ukrainian cancer patients, including:

  • Lack of data/medical records

  • Language barriers

  • Access to information about treatment and support options in the patient’s new country in relevant languages

  • Capacity issues with neighbouring countries

  • Lack of resources for cancer organisations within neighbouring countries

  • Need for connectivity to other European countries – for their capacity support

We want to be very mindful that there is a risk of duplication of efforts during this response. Please alert the GCR of any efforts being made so we can coordinate our work:


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