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World Cancer Day: Join the GCR for a webinar on Closing the Care Gap through Global Collaboration

The Global Coalition for Radiotherapy (GCR) invites you to observe World Cancer Day with us. Join our conversation on the theme "Closing the Care Gap through Global Collaboration" and learn from our distinguished presenters.

GCR World Cancer Day Webinar

Thurs, 8 Feb | 9-10 AM EST/3-4 PM CET | via Zoom

  • Wil Ngwa, Global Health Catalyst: Extending the Cancer Moonshot globally; opportunities for win-win collaborations

  • Susannah Stanway, London Global Cancer Week: Building Resilient Health Care Systems and upcoming projects in 2024

  • Ted Trimble, National Institutes of Health: “Cancer care and Radiotherapy Essential Standards Implementation” for Global Cancer Control Development

  • Pat Price, Global Coalition for Radiotherapy: Radiotherapy Essential Standards, global input and global output, implementation and expansion

  • Sarah Quinlan, Radiotherapy UK: A ten year vision for radiotherapy

As gatherings take place across the world to educate and advocate on World Cancer Day, we hope that you will be a part of GCR’s efforts to support closing the care gap through global collaboration. We look forward to having you join us on the 8th of February.

Please register for the webinar by clicking on the button below:

GCR World Cancer Day Webinar

Thurs, 8 Feb | 9-10 AM EST/3-4 PM CET | via Zoom

Please invite your colleagues to join us and participate in this event.


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