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Register now: Join 18 April 2023 GCR Webinar & Roundtable - RT Essential Standards in Cancer Plans

The Global Coalition for Radiotherapy (GCR) seeks your expertise and support at their upcoming Webinar & Roundtable discussion to create an essential radiotherapy template and standard for cancer plans.

RT Essential Standards in Cancer Plans Webinar & Roundtable

Tues, 18 April | 13:30-14:30 CEST | via Zoom

Project Objective

Create a framework for planning and monitoring population-based regional radiotherapy program.


To avoid preventable cancer-related deaths, a national cancer plan is a critical component to a country’s healthcare system. It is imperative they reduce incidence, lower mortality rates and improve the quality of life of patients. Despite 50-60% of cancer patients receiving radiotherapy during their course of treatment, radiotherapy is often neglected when cancer plans are developed. Additionally, technology in radiotherapy has rapidly evolved in the past 10 years making many cancer plans outdated.

To support global advocacy efforts aimed at improving cancer outcomes, the GCR will facilitate a discussion to create a framework of key components that should be considered when developing or updating a national cancer plan. This will be the first webinar in a series of development phases.


The GCR will host a series of webinars to develop the framework.

Phase I

  • Webinar 1: Present the subject, understand the issues/structure. Focus on listing issues to be addressed in the framework – ie planning, monitoring, quality, etc.

  • Task Force objectives: a) Examine existing guides for radiotherapy planning; b) Develop the high level framework

Phase II

  • Webinar 2: Present the framework, address the issues to be considered in a more detailed plan (human resources, equipment, quality) with physicists, therapists, radiation oncologists

  • Task Force objectives (in multiple working groups): a) Draft detailed framework (equipment, workforce, operations, quality, education/research); b) align radiotherapy planning with other elements of cancer control plans (prevention, screening, diagnostics, other therapeutic modalities, supportive and palliative care) and primary care; c) Financing to execute, distribute and implement

Focus Question for Panel Discussion

Do we have a good enough (comprehensive, adaptable, future proof) framework to monitor radiotherapy access and care delivery?

Webinar Presenters and Panelists
  • Dr. Rolando Comacho: Global Special Advisor at City Cancer Challenge Foundation, Global Cancer Control Consultant with the WHO and IAEA, Former Acting Head of the Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy (PACT) at the IAEA

  • Dr. Hesham Gaafar: WHO Geneva consultant focusing on cancer care planning, health systems and economics, and country support, Fulbright Scholar, Masters of Public Health from Harvard University, Expertise in health systems and humanitarian development with extensive experience working with public, private, and international partners to improve the health outcomes

  • Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz: Professor of Radiation Oncology at the University of Toronto, Interim Director of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Global Cancer Program, past Regional Vice President of Cancer Care Ontario, Past-President of the UICC

  • Dr. Nashwa Skaik: Technical Officer for Cervical Cancer Elimination team at WHO

  • Prof Richard Sullivan: Professor of Cancer and Global Health at King’s College London and Guy’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Director of the Institute of Cancer Policy and Director of the Centre for Conflict & Health Research at King’s College London, NCD advisor to the WHO and World Bank, Supports global cancer research programs cover cancer systems strengthening, financing, political economy, global cancer surgery particularly virtual reality-enhanced surgical simulation training; as well as studies into social welfare and cancer care in conflict, Directs a number of major research programs in conflict and health with a special focus on the Middle East, including Health Security Intelligence, Global Health Security and health systems strengthening in conflict

  • Dr. Padraig Warde: Professor with Department of Radiation Oncology at University of Toronto, Staff Radiation Oncologist at Princess Margaret Hospital/University Health Network, Provincial Head of Radiation Treatment Program Cancer Care Ontario

Please invite your colleagues to join us and participate in this important webinar.

RT Essential Standards in Cancer Plans Webinar & Roundtable

Tues, 18 April | 13:30-14:30 CEST | via Zoom


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