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Radiotherapy World Cancer Day Campaign Toolkit: Social Media Content and Graphics

Want to advocate for radiotherapy on World Cancer Day, February 4th, 2023?

We have a great set of tools so you can join our team of global radiotherapy advocates and the UICC in helping #ClosetheCareGap this World Cancer Day.

The Global Coalition for Radiotherapy Resident Partners, along with our partners at Radiotherapy UK, Rad Chat Podcast, and ASTRO met to workshop a media campaign to make sure the radiotherapy voice is unified and making an impact this year.

To get started:

  • Download our specialized social media toolkits complete with scripted social media posts and video scripts for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

GCR World Cancer Day Toolkit: Patients
GCR World Cancer Day Toolkit - Patients
Download PDF • 406KB
GCR World Cancer Day Toolkit: Workforce
GCR World Cancer Day Toolkit - Workforce
Download PDF • 404KB
GCR World Cancer Day Toolkit: digital transformation
GCR World Cancer Day Toolkit - Digital Transformation
Download PDF • 382KB
  • Create a video and post your messages to your social media accounts. Tag @GlobalRTCo, @Radiotherapy_UK, @Rad__Chat, @ASTRO_org, @UICC and any other RT organizations that can help spread the message about the many ways Radiotherapy can help #ClosetheCareGap.

  • For more ideas on how to get started, watch the opening of the GCR Resident Partners Workshop, where Resident Partners Chair Kyra McComas talks about the World Cancer Day campaign, GCR Director of Communications Darien Laird gives tips on branding your personal advocacy efforts and Rad Chat Podcast Co-Founder Naman Julka-Anderson shares his experience creating a platform for advocating for the RT workforce and patients.

More World Cancer Day Events & Resources
  • Radiotherapy UK will host an in-person Parliament event: "Closing the cancer treatment care gap: Tackling the cancer wait crisis this World Cancer Day", on Tuesday, 31 January 2023. Learn more here and follow their social media to see highlights from the event.

  • Listen to and share Rad Chat's "What is Radiotherapy?" World Cancer Day special podcast.

  • Join the UICC World Cancer Day 5k Challenge and explore the other in-person and virtual events featured on their World Cancer Day site.


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