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GCR Resident Partner shares groundbreaking news from Uruguay

GCR Resident Partner, Joaquín Carlos Ferrer Criado, Residente de Oncología Radioterápica, shared the latest information about treating the first patient in Uruguay with the Fast Forward ultra-hypofractionated regime. The treatment took place at The Hospital de Clinicas, Dr. Manuel Quintela, on 8 April 2024:

We were lucky enough to receive the first patient to start her treatment with us under the Fast Forward protocol modality. She is the first patient in Uruguay to undergo ultra-hypofractionated treatment for breast cancer; There are only 5 days of treatment with a similar toxicity profile and the same tumor control compared to the classic 15 to 25 day treatments.
This was the result of the work of the team of residents, teachers, technicians and physicists of the Academic Unit who are always willing to give the best for their patients, betting on safe and quality radiotherapy accessible to the entire population.

Dr. Ferrer Criado said:

"We do hope that our story will encourage not only other radiotherapy clinics in Uruguay to reduce overall treatment times, but all over the world. Our institution also wanted to take on this experience in order to take the first steps to intensity modulated treatments that will allow more patients to get these ultra-hypofractionated treatments delivered in a safe manner."

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