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12 July Radiotherapy Task Force Meeting Recap: Focus on future planning for Ukraine and Eastern EU

The Radiotherapy Task Force, coordinated by the Global Coalition for Radiotherapy (GCR), has grown to more than 150 members and we commend you for your incredible work to support Ukraine during this humanitarian crisis.

The 12 July 2022 GCR Radiotherapy Task Force meeting, moderated by Prof. Pat Price, GCR Co-Founder, included presentations from a number of our global colleagues who are continuing to support on-the-ground efforts of donation collection, patient transfer and clinician support. Each of the presenters shared valuable insights as the meeting focused on future planning for Ukraine and the surrounding Eastern European countries, specifically in capacity and advocacy.

12 July 2022 presenters included:

  • Prof. Richard Sullivan, WHO Emergency Committee Member

  • Dr. Oleksandr Sakharenko, GCR Radiotherapy Task Force Special Counsel, Aretera Public Affairs

  • Yaroslav Pynda, IAEA IT Systems Engineer

  • Dr. Horia Vulpe, The Queen’s Medical Center

  • Dr. Diana Grishchuck, Medical Physicists Limited

  • Prof. Ricardi Umberto, ESTRO

  • Jeff White, ASTRO

  • Oliver Fraederich, COCIR & AdvaMed Representative, Senior Manager Government Affairs EMEA for Varian

  • Darien Laird, GCR Director of Communications

You can download the notes of the 12 July 2022 meeting here:

Radiotherapy Task Force Notes - 12 July
Download PDF • 161KB

The slide deck includes presentations from Dr. Horia Vulpe, Dr. Diane Grishchuck, and Prof. Ricardi Umberto, members of the Radiotherapy Task Force, and can be viewed here.

You can watch a recording of the full meeting here.

Prof. Richard Sullivan shared questions regarding capacity & advocacy during the meeting, inviting all Task Force members to respond and help provide strategic support to Ukraine. Find the full questions and link to the questionnaire here.


We would like to signpost the work members of the Emergency Radiotherapy Task Force are doing on the GCR Ukraine page. This may include articles published, interviews, slide presentations, additional intel, list of needs or a short description of your on-the-ground efforts. If you have something to contribute, please click the button below and complete the form.


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