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Radiotherapy Task Force Meeting to support Ukraine - Tues, 12 July 2022

As the Global Coalition for Radiotherapy has been collecting data to support the WHO in Ukraine, we have been receiving updates from several of our global colleagues who are continuing to support on-the-ground efforts of donation collection, patient transfer and clinician support.

Please join us for this next meeting of the Radiotherapy Task Force as we come together to collaborate on solutions and actionable items that will ensure Ukrainians are getting the treatment and the support they need.

Radiotherapy Task Force to support Ukraine

Tues, 12 July | 13:30-14:30 CEST | via Zoom

Are you facing barriers in your efforts or have a need that is not being met that you would like to communicate to the Radiotherapy Task Force, information you would like signposted on the GCR Ukraine webpage or an action item you want to discuss during this upcoming meeting? Please let us know by emailing

Further updates and agenda forthcoming.


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